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Our website is well maintained and up-to-date without team of experts working tirelessly to ensure that the information we provide you is not only accurate but easily accessed on our website. Comparecarinsurancequotes has over time expanded in service provision as we also offer insurance quotes on home, life and health insurance.We only operate legal and secure transactions that are acceptable by law. Clients do not need to worry when dealing with us because we are an insurance centre that is known for its emphasis on quality and openness when carrying out business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it cost me to access information on your website?

    We do not charge clients anything to clients simply because they used our website to get a car insurance deal. We only receive a referral fee from the insurer who gets a client though our website.

  • How does it work?

    It is very simple. A client will only be required to fill an online form which will guide and enable you to compare car insurance offers until you find one which will meet your needs. Once you have compared the quotes and fond one that is suitable then you can still be able to purchase the policy directly on our website.

  • Is my information secure on your website?

    We value customer confidentiality and have put up measures that will protect your information and it will not reach another party. We also limit the information that we ask to make our clients feel comfortable.

  • How sure am I to get a good car insurance deal?

    When you give as details about your car from there we are able to go compare the different offers from different insurers and help you pick an insurance policy that will be most suitable for you.

Compare Rates

Our website allows clients to be able to compare insurance rates from different insurers. We normally ask for information that includes some basic information about you, your vehicle, your driving record, and limited information about any other drivers you’d like to insure on your policy.Our website provides you with actual prices from different insurers and not estimates like some websites. These different prices will assist you decide which one is the most friendly for you. With this comparison service we help you save both time and money through finding all the information you require in one place.


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